Interactive Running Water Bath Sprinkle Dragon Toy

  • Bath has never been more fun! Make it a great leisure and fun time for your kids with BLAGOO bath dragon toy.
  • Fill the dragon's crown with water and the TOY STARTS SPILLING it and making its funny BELLY WHEEL ROTATE.
  • Water dragon set includes: 5 small COLORFUL BUCKETS for extra splashes and fun, bright water dragon figure with a WATER WHEEL BELLY to keep the attention of your kid and improve motor skills.
  • Play and learn! Develop your kids' cognitive skills, teach them colors, shapes and textures in a fun and interactive way!
  • Toy set made of 100% SAFE PLASTIC that does not harm kids' skin and leaves no spots. Durable toy for bath that will last for years.

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Bath time for kids is a hard time for parents. Ever got troubles bathing your toddler? Here is the solution!

Interactive colorful and fun water dragon will make bath time a pleasure for your kids. Bright colors, pleasant textures and water splashes is all your kids need for great bathing. No more stress for you and tears for the kids. Make the routine fun and let them enjoy their favorite toys anywhere, even in bath! Fix the toy with a sucker that can be securely attached to bath or tile walls or any other surface. Perfect attention keeper for hyperactive kids - water contact and new tactile experiences from the toy set will be a great way to teach your kids and help them develop in a fun and interactive way!

All our products made from environmental friendly materials, which are sturdy, durable and safe.

In BLAGOO we create toys that boost imagination, creativity, train brain, promote cognitive, developing, engineering and learning skills, creative and critical thinking, STEM development keeps kids and teenagers active. We make toys that develop children's motor skills, manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Thank you for choosing BLAGOO Toys!

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