BLAGOO Dinosaur Toys with Moving Parts and 4D cards 4 figures up to 10 inches

  • Jumbo set of 4 realistic looking dinosaur figures with vibrant colors. Features famous T-rex dinosaur. Great toy for kids of any age to learn about prehistoric times and ancient history.
  • Bendable joints, legs, arms, neck, tail and wings (see images) add extra fun for interactive play. Enjoy movable parts while figures stand very stable on their own.
  • High quality and nice on the touch soft plastic feels great.
    Non-toxic material is 100% safe for skin and leaves no spots. Perfect to play indoors and outdoors, in water or in the bath;
    can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • Enjoy ultimate interactive virtual reality experience with attached 3D AR card set and FREE BLAGOO app available for iOS and Android - realistic 3D dinosaur models get alive on your device to amaze, educate and entertain your kids. Offer your toddlers amazing playing experience with endless fun and hours of pretend play.
  • Cute dino figures are great as a birthday party present, Halloween and Christmas.

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Bright, colorful and flexible dinosaur figures expand kids imagination and provide endless creativity. Join your kids in creative play, tell stories and explore imaginary worlds. This set is a part of BLAGOO Dinosaur collection that includes a variety of dinosaurs. Assorted set of 4 dinosaurs in a nice gift 'window' box includes:  

PTERANODON - a carnivore living in Jurassic Period about 150.8–148.5 million years ago on modern territory of Europe and Africa.
SPINOSAURUS - meaning "spine lizard", is a carnivorous dinosaur that lived in what now is North Africa TYRANNOSAURUS - “tyrant lizard king” is one of the greatest carnivores ever to have walked the Earth some 68-65 million years ago.
TRICERATOPS are the largest horned dinosaurs. This giant was an herbivore, preying on the vegetation of western North America.  

To learn more about cretaceous era check out historical facts on the box. Bonus - get a colorful ebook about dinosaurs via email. Enjoy the realistic details of the dinosaurs like wrinkles and different colors on eyes and tongues. Detailed sizes and moving elements clearly specified on the product images. Safe and suitable for children ages 3+ Use our free Blagoosaurs app to see the dinosaurs come to life! 3 AR cards featuring the most famous dinosaurs for ultimate educational and fun time.

  1. Look for Blagoosaurs app in AppStore or Google Play
  2. Open the app, point your phone on the card. The 3D model of the dinosaur will appear on the screen
  3. Rotate the dinosaur, tap to make them roar, listen to narrated stories and enjoy interactive 3D show on your device

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